“imitating nature for natural results”

Natural skin treatment methods and organic herbal chemistry have entered a “golden era”. Today, cosmetic research scientists are rejecting synthetic approaches to skin care and returning to natural concepts that focus on what the skin really responds to – what really works. In this “Golden Age of Skin Therapy”, opportunities for youthful, healthy skin have never been better!

Imitating Nature for Natural Results has been the basis of the Danné concept for more than 30 years. By combining state-of-the-art botanical science with innovative technology, Danné has created one of the most advanced skin care systems available. This exciting skin care program is based on the principle that cells of the skin respond positively to chemistry the skin recognises – the chemistry it manufactures on its own. Duplicating this chemistry – and combining it with the Danné Remove·Rebuild·Protect·System - has placed Danné in the forefront of skin revision therapy.

Unique programs for all skin types

Danné methodology, treatments and products have helped change the face of aesthetics. Unlike animal and petroleum by-products found in many over-the-counter skin care programs Danné botanical formulations work with the skin rather than merely acting on it. Amino acids, other proteins, enzymes and fractionated oils from the plant world are used to create an environment that allows the skin to thrive.

The Danné Remove·Rebuild·Protect·System matches individual body chemistry within the appropriate botanical formulations, professional treatments and home prescriptive. Regardless of ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition, Danné offers an effective program for all skin types.



The Remove·Rebuild·Protect·System is a comprehensive three-step program designed to:


Dead skin cell build-up, which leads to the appearance of dry skin, fine lines and skin discoloration


The remaining living cells by providing protein, other amino acids and nutrients, thus enabling the cells to stay alive longer and perform at their healthiest, youngest level; and,


The skin from sun, free radicals, glycosylation and other environmental factors

The Removal Process


Excessive dead cell buildup is associated with skin conditions like hyper pigmentation, blemishes, fine lines, acne, sun damage and basic aging. To remove this build up, Danné offers an exclusive series of enzyme treatments.

These enzymes, activating proteins, are nature’s biological catalyst. They consume dead cell material, clean out debris and gases in the cells, exercise facial muscles, open up the vascular system by bringing new oxygen to skin cells, and encourage the formation of fresh elastin and collagen. Danné enzyme treatments tighten, tone and firm the skin.

Enzymes can also be used in conjunction with other Danné formulations to create customised treatments for individual skin conditions. A variety of treatments are offered including basic and advanced therapies for acne, scarring, hyper pigmentation, deep & fine wrinkles, and aging, just to name a few.


Regardless of the treatment, it is important to continue the effects of the enzyme action at home. Daily use of one of the Danné home prescriptives cleansers will continue the exfoliation process, stimulate cell turnover and maintain the skin’s pH balance.

Weekly use of the home prescriptive masque will further aid what was accomplished with the professional treatment.

The Rebuilding Process

Post treatments following dead cell removal begin the actual rebuilding process. The Danné Rebuilding System uses the body’s own regenerative powers and a complementary combination of moisturisers and nourishers to achieve outstanding results.


Nature’s only true moisturiser is called the acid mantle. Supported by the bi-layer lipids, it is a blend of secretions from the sweat glands and oil from the sebaceous glands. As part of the rebuilding process, these glands must be imitated on a daily basis.

The Danné method utilises two carefully formulated products that “mock” these secretions to instantly restore and maintain this precious acid mantle. Composed of fractionated oils and herbal water, these products penetrate softly into the epidermis, providing immediate natural skin tone and moisture all day long.


Another important component of the Danné Rebuilding System are the transepidermal creams which moisturize and nourish the skin. All creams are water-soluble and store deep in the voids of the skin for hours allowing living cells to draw off their nutrients as needed. These products offer all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids required to keep skin cells healthy. Although many skin creams and lotions offer similar ingredients, it is the special Danné delivery system that produce startling rejuvenated effects. No other creams “tighten” the appearance of the skin like Danné formulas.

The Protection Formula

Free radicals from pollution, improper eating habits, cosmetics, and over exposure to the sun are the main precursors of rapid aging. The Danné concept is unparalleled in providing protection from environmental factors with powerful, super antioxidants known as pycnogenols. A main key to the Danné cell protection system for nearly 30 years, these powerful protectors are complex organic plant compounds found in fruits, vegetables and certain tree barks. Pycnogenols from the absorbable vitamin C family, grape see extracts and other botanicals are important components of most Danné treatments and home prescriptives.

One of the most important skin protectors is sunscreen. It must be used on a daily basis to guard against excessive sun exposure, which causes premature wrinkling. For the ultimate in protection, Danné Sun Block SPF 30 can be worn over all products and under makeup.

(Extracts from the Danné Montague-King brochure)