What is acne? 

Acne is a devastating disease affecting teenagers and adults. 80% of teenagers have some form of acne and 20% develop severe scars that may permanently affect their lives. It is caused by a build up of dead skin cells and natural oil that stick together and block the pores. The acne bacteria feed off this mixture which then becomes inflamed. Acne comes in two basic types and varies in severity from individual to individual.

1. An inflamed condition normally associated with soreness, redness, swelling, pus formation, etc.

2. A non-inflamed condition usually accompanied with whiteheads or blackheads.

What factors have a tendency to aggrevate acne?

One or more of the factors listed below could be delaying your progress:

  • Lifestyle – Inadequate sleep or drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Stress – Physical, emotional or job related.

  • Climate – Humidity induces excretion.

  • Physical contact – touching the affected area or wearing hats, headbands, etc.

  • Diet – Foods high in iodine (processed foods, salty snacks, etc.). A well balanced diet is recommended.

  • Hormonal fluctuations – Birth control pills, pregnancy or seasonal changes.

  • Cosmetics – Improper use or the wrong choice of products

Why doesn’t simply cleansing my face with an appropriate cleanser twice a day clear up my acne conditions?

Since the blackhead is formed below the surface of the skin, it cannot be affected by surface cleansing products. Only products that are specifically designed to penetrate into the follicle and loosen the impactions will be successful in clearing up an acne condition.

How can I control my acne?

With continued use of Danné Home Prescriptives and regular corrective in-salon treatment you can expect results in approximately two months.

What will I experience during a professional in-salon treatment?

Initially, you will be asked to complete a thorough questionnaire. We will then assess your skin condition and combine this knowledge with that from the questionnaire to design an individual corrective treatment program.

The treatment will include:

  • Removal of redundant cuticle build up and debris from the skin

  • Release and removal of impaction and infection

  • Acne healing and controlling additives

  • Enzyme treatment to improve skin functioning; to flush and expel toxins and rebuild stronger, healthier tissue.

  • Application of hydrating gel or lymph drainage

These treatments can be performed on the face or the body. Each treatment is very private and relaxing, and will bring you a step closer to having clear skin.