Mind Maintenance

- Do you maintain your body through nutrition and lifestyle?
- Do you want to develop mental strength and resilience?
- Do you want to feel empowered to effectively manage everyday struggles?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above questions then Mind Maintenance will help you to:

- Manage unhelpful thoughts, beliefs & memories
- Develop strategies to maintain stress
- Relax & sleep well
- Engage fully in what you are doing and appreciate each moment of your life
- Review your core values and set achievable goals that will lead towards an enriched, full and meaningful life.

We value servicing our car to keep it functioning well and avoid breakdowns - don't we owe our minds the same care?

Contact Lorraine on:
Phone: 07898 823339
Email: lorraine@affinity-and-beyond.co.uk
Website: www.affinity-and-beyond.co.uk

£10 off your first session


  • After experiencing a number of challenging situations in my life I felt that my feelings were getting out of control which has led me to feeling increasingly anxious. Constantly worrying about ÔÇ£What ifsÔÇØ and ÔÇ£maybesÔÇØ, became an obsession and made me become so wrapped up in negative thoughts it was stopping me enjoying my life.
  • Lorraine was recommended to me, so I took the plunge and called her for an informal chat. Lorraine was non-judgemental and explained a couple of ways she may be able to help.
  • I now consider myself to be at a better point in my life, Lorraine has taught me some coping strategies┬á which help me rationalise my thought process, recognise those thoughts for the ÔÇ£negative thoughtsÔÇØ that they are and learn to deal with them.
  • I think in life we all come across situations we canÔÇÖt change, Lorraine has taught me how to accept these, instead of beating myself up, and blaming myself.
  • I was experiencing panic attacks during exam situations and found the whole exam period very stressful which was unusual for me.┬á Lorraine helped me understand my thoughts and develop relaxation techniques and strategies that I could use when I started to feel stressed.┬á She also has enabled me to understand why I put myself under so much pressure and I now feel strong enough mentally to address this.
  • I am enjoying learning Mindfulness and relaxation techniques and am finding these new skills help me deal with stress. Reassessing my values has helped give me direction and increased a feeling of value and meaning in my life.